The Dictionary According to Foodies

For some of us, food is everything. The daily timetable is structured around meals, snacks and cooking; and the space in-between is planning for the same!

And did you know that when you talk to a foodie, they may be translating the words you are saying into food-speak? Words have a different meaning for the avid food fanatic, as everything relates to their tummy & their palate, so if you’re a foodie, or close to someone who is, it’s time you updated your dictionary:



food blog delhicioso dictionary
The dangers of getting too hungry

Believing you can eat this whole family size lasagne on your own. Obviously.


food blog delhicioso dictionary
Oh you mean these empty pots? Nothing to do with me…

Eating your housemate’s six pack of yogurts and promptly pretending that it never happened


dictionary foodie delhicioso food blog
You call this medium rare?!

The place where you believe you are Gordon Ramsay


food blog delhicioso dictionary

Having the ingredients to make a five-star, 3 course dinner at home, but chucking a pizza in the oven instead.


dictionary food blog delhicioso
Don’t make me go Ross Geller…

When you leave yourself a special treat in the office fridge and it disappears


dictionary food blog funny delhicioso
Home is where the kitchen is

Where the words ‘comfort’ and ‘food’ come together


food blog dictionary delhicioso funny

Sticking your spoon into a fresh jar of peanut butter


delhicioso food blog funny dictionary
…unless you get some snacks to keep you going!

The effort required to sit at a desk for hours at a time without food


dictionary food blog delhicioso funny
What are you doing here..?

Pineapple on a pizza


delhicioso food blog dictionary funny
Hello food delivery? Yeah it’s me again…

The building sensation when it’s nearly time to break for lunch



delhicioso food blog dictionary funny
Day = ruined

When your ‘Meaty’ pizza arrives with 3 measly slices of pepperoni


delhicioso food blog dictionary
Come at me, spaghetti bolognese

Eating like an animal in the comfort of your own living room


dictionary food blog delhicioso funny
Oh I was going to…*mumbles*… eat that…

Being too polite to eat the last piece before the waiter clears it away


delhicioso food blog dictionary funny

Where new, exciting tastes are found


delhicioso food blog dictionary
Say hello to Delhicioso 🙂

When healthy, tasty & filling come together



If your foodie dictionary has other definitions, include them in the comments! The best suggestions will be entered for our PRIZE DRAW, so watch this space 😉

We speak the language of food every day, satisfying your foodie needs so that you feel understood and at home wherever you are <3

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