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The World Agrees: Regular Potatoes Make Great Desserts

Potato is the only vegetable that can be comfortably classified as a ‘staple food’.

They are the mash for your bangers, the chips that complement the fish, the base to your hash brown. No stew, hamburger, or Spanish tortilla would feel complete without them.

And yet, most of us have not explored their full potential. Got leftover mashed potato from yesterday’s dinner party? Having trouble getting to the bottom of the sack of potatoes before you run out of fresh ideas for dishes?

Then get ready for a surprising revelation; this root vegetable can also be used in recipes to make sweet desserts (which is traditional in some countries)!

Feast your eyes on these sweet treats and change the way you look at the humble potato:

NOTE: These recipes all use ordinary potatoes, not sweet potatoes!

Norwegian Potato Lefse (Pancakes)

As with normal pancakes, this Nordic dessert can actually be used for sweet or savoury depending on what you choose to accompany it with. Often, it is eaten with butter and cream (and cinnamon sugar is also a top serving suggestion).

Au revoir crêpes, it’s Lefse’s turn in the spotlight.

Potato pancakes lefse
Credit: TheKitchn

Full recipe here.

Lebanese Awamat (Doughballs)

These Middle Eastern dough balls are extra fluffy and crispy thanks to the mashed potato that is used in the mixture. You’ll not be able to stop eating these bite-sized, sugar glazed delights.

Lebanese doughballs
Credit: TheCherryShare

Full recipe here.

Potato Candies

You won’t believe it until you’ve seen it. These sweets are often attributed as being Irish and originate from the depression era. It’s amazing what delicious discoveries you can make with fewer resources!

Potato candy
Credit: AverageBetty

Full recipe here.

Potato Molten Lava Cake (Idaho, US)

Who knew that chocolate and potato could go so well together? Idaho is famous for its potatoes so it’s no surprise that many creative and unusual recipes from the state make use of the ingredient (try their signature ‘spudnuts’ too).

Potato cake
Credit: Idahoan

Full recipe here.

Mashed Potato Truffles

Who needs to buy heavy cream to make after dinner snacks when you can use mashed potato? Spectacular.

Credit: DessertForTwo

Full recipe here.

Italian Potato Zeppole (Dumplings)

Gnocci is not the only Italian dough ball made of potato! At Christmas particularly in southern Italy, the locals eat fried potato ‘zeppole’ to keep the season bright. To be filled with jam or chocolate to your tastes!

Italian zeppole potato
Credit: FoodRecipesHQ

Full recipe here.

There are so many variations of each of these dishes across the world that you will start to wonder why you hadn’t tried adding potato to your brownies and biscuits before!

Have you experienced the fluffiness of potato-based bakery goods? Tell us about your favourite potato dessert in the comments 🙂

Ingredient of the week: Potato

Every week we choose a special ingredient from our menu to explore its background and uses.

The earliest known cultivation of the potato was by the South American Incas in around 200BC. The Spanish learned the local name of the root vegetable, ‘batata’, and introduced it to Europe (which is where we get the word ‘potato’ from). The root contains many essential vitamins and now represents a significant part of the world’s diet, especially in Europe.

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