7 No-Cook Study Snacks With Less Than Five Ingredients

Self-motivation is undoubtedly the key to success when it comes to personal study and work.

But even the most ambitious of us need nutritional boosts throughout the day to keep the work flow steady and efficient. At the same time, when you are pushing yourself particularly hard for exams or deadlines, it’s easy to let yourself go and gorge on endless crisps and biscuits.

We have a delicious solution to the dilemma: these 7 no-cook snacks using few and healthy ingredients to feed your brain as well as your stomach. With only 2-5 ingredients!

So before you head to the office or the nearest study corner, take a couple of minutes to put together something that your body will thank you for:

  1. Fruit Nut Bars – 3 ingredients

Almonds, raisins, dates.

If you have a blender, you can quickly prepare energy boosters for your whole week with hardly any calories. Fruity, sticky encouragement to study.  #genius

fruit and nut bars
Credit: Popsugar

And don’t forget: almonds control your blood pressure and sugar levels, which is handy if you’re feeling stressed.

Learn to make it here.

  1. Fruit roll ups – 3 ingredients

Fruit (of choice), honey, lemon juice.

Admittedly, you will need the oven to dry this snack out (unless you live somewhere very dry and hot), but it is not ‘cooked’. Just a new, sweet way of keeping fruit exciting and having healthy ‘candy’ ready when you need it!

Whichever fruit you choose, lemon juice is always a good source of vitamins and can help your body detox and feel fresher even sitting at the computer for long periods of time.

Fruit rolls roll ups blog
Credit: Live Eat Learn

See the recipe here.

  1. Hummus jar – 2 ingredients

Vegetables (for dipping), hummus.

This seems too obvious, and yet no one does it. In one jar, dollop in some hummus (or make some if you’re feeling more fancy) and stick in cut veggies that you like to dip.

Crunchy foods make your brain wake up, and hummus is high in protein to keep you going. Why did we not think to simply put it in a jar before?

hummus jar blog
Credit: Nugget Market

With the right ingredients and a bit more time, you can make your own hummus too.

  1. Simple granola bars – 5 ingredients

Dates, syrup, peanut butter, almonds, oats

Love peanut butter? Stick some fibre-y foods together with this yummy spread and stay energised all day.

granola bars delhicioso blog
Credit: Minimalist Baker

Cut down on the sugar even more by replacing the syrup with honey, but keep the high protein, good-fatty nuts to promote better  concentration.

Get the measurements and know-how here.

  1. No-cook cookies – 3 ingredients

Oats, banana, peanut butter (choc chips are optional)

Important newsflash: cookies can be healthy, and made in 5 minutes.

Who said healthy treats can’t be disguised as comfort food? Studying will never be the same again.

Cookie balls blog
Credit: Spoon University

Oh and if you’re feeling guilty about adding chocolate chips, use dark chocolate which contains the antioxidants and stimulants to help you focus.

Recipe here.

  1. Simple chia pudding – 3 ingredients

Chia seeds, coconut milk, honey (yoghurt is optional)

There are hundreds of ways you can eat a creamy chia pudding, but this is the simplest. You will need to leave it overnight, but it’s incredibly healthy and can be combined with any fruit or nuts you choose.

The best part is that the electrolytes in coconut milk actually make you feel less tired and chia is a full blown super food; packed with omega 3 and countless nutrients.

All you need is a tight jar to take with you to your work space!

Chia pudding
Credit: Say Yes

Full recipe here.

  1. Chocolate energy bites – 3 ingredients

Dark chocolate, almonds, dates

Three ingredients + one blender = done. Great for increasing your energy levels, supporting your digestive system and upping your general sense of happiness. Find the recipe here.

Almonds dates chocolate energy bites
Ingredients needed for energy bites. Credit: Spoon University


The truth is, it always seems difficult to prepare your own snacks until you try it. You will find that for only a few minutes’ worth of effort, you could be ready to face several days of hard-core study, armed with enough protein for your brain and sugar for your energy.

Grab some almonds and oats from the supermarket next time you do a shop, and you’ll never go back to buying cake from the library café to satisfy your cravings (or at least, not so often anyway!).

Ingredient of the week: Chick Peas

Every week we choose a special ingredient from our menu to explore its background and uses.

Most famous for their role in our beloved hummus, chick peas are actually an extremely versatile legume, representing a protein-filled base for curries, salads, vegetarian burgers and stir fries. They are so wholesome that studies have shown that those who eat them find themselves eating less food overall. India is the top producer and consumer of the ingredient, though the earliest evidence of cultivating it is in the Middle East.

Sample cuisine using this week’s ingredient on our brand new weekly menu!

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