These 7 Meaty Vegan Burgers Make Beef Feel Insecure

For the loyal fans of meat dishes, vegetarian dishes tend to feel a little lacking.

And yes, though we all know that a beef burger or steak is much less healthy than a salad, we are still likely to choose the former 9 times out of 10.

Perhaps you want a healthier diet, but the dilemma is that vegetables and pulses often don’t satisfy your cravings for something ‘meatier’. It’s a common problem.

But what if you could have both? Be healthy and stick to ‘meaty’ dishes?

Beef burgers, hamburgers, step aside. There’s a new kid in town: vegan burgers.

Black beans and walnuts hold it together

These yummy barbeque flavoured patties, unlike your typical vegetable burger, hold together like minced meat, meaning that you can chuck it on the grill for that authentic taste.

vegan burger

Get the recipe here.

Yummy yam burgers

What? Burgers that you don’t have to cook? Sign me up.

vegan burger yam

Full recipe here.

Lentil heaven

Surely, this can’t be vegan. It uses quite a number of ingredients, but the result is enough to make beef burgers really doubt themselves.

lentil vegan burger

Find out how to make it here.

Pulled pork’s rival

It’s not quite a burger, but a barbeque sandwich with a cauliflower base? You won’t believe it ‘til you try it.

vegan cauliflower burger

Recipe here.

Mushrooms make the burger better

Weirdly, mushrooms really add the correct texture and appearance to vegan burger mince. Test your friends, see if they notice the difference!

mushroom vegan burger

Learn how to make it here or if you want even more mushrooms, try this one.

You can’t beet these

Beetroot gives a hearty colour to any dish, especially if it is mimicking meat. Beet burgers FTW.

vegan beet burger beetroot

Get the recipe here.

The dog is hot

We are diverging from the classic burger, but for this recipe it is worth it. If you must, squash the mixture into a patty shape and everyone’s happy!

Who knew vegan hot dogs could be so beefy?

vegan italian hot dog

Recipe here.


If these recipes don’t convince you that vegan food can be tasty and adventurous, I don’t know what will!

Even if you’re a meat eater, being a true foodie is all about exploring new horizons, especially with recipes like these that will give you an energy boost and extra vitamin and protein intake.

What are your favourite meat-less dishes? Share with a steak-obsessed friend and see if this can make them try new things!


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