11 Lifesaving Recipes For The Lazy or Broke

Good food is the most underrated ingredient to happiness.

And yet, despite how much joy that tasty, healthy nutrition can give us, many of us can go for days without eating a hearty meal. It’s sandwiches and pesto pasta all the way.

There are two reasons for this; 1) we are so busy, tired or lazy that we can’t bring ourselves to cook, or 2) we simply don’t have the resources to buy better ingredients.

Which is why this list is here to save your life (or at least make it that much better!):

Utilise the leftovers

If you’re cooking for yourself, it’s easy to overestimate when it comes to pasta. But does this mean wastage? Of course not!

Oven bake your pasta dish mixed with egg, and even chuck in those odd tomatoes or strips of ham you need to use up. It’s a recipe for all seasons ☺

frittata leftover pasta recipe
Jamie Oliver

Get inspired here.

Meat is off the menu

When the budget is a bit tight, a good way to save is to replace meat dishes with tasty alternatives. Love falafel? With a handful of chickpeas, breadcrumbs, and some herbs and spices, you can stock up on truly delicious, healthy, quick-to-make burger patties that won’t break the bank.

The only requirement is a blender and you can freeze the patties too for those busy days!

falafel burger patties
BBC Good Food

Renew your burger love; recipe here.

Meals under pressure

This recipe is much easier than it appears and will feel exotic with its Mexican aromas, even though it only took you 15 minutes to prepare!

Sauté the veggies then the spices before just bundling the rice, chicken, and available ingredients into a single pot and leaving it while you get on with something else! Cheap, easy, filling and healthy. What more could you want?

Tip: if you don’t have a pressure cooker, you can leave the pot to boil for longer with a lid on.

mexican rice quick dish

Get the recipe.

Gimme the dough

Most supermarkets these days stock ready-made, ready-rolled pizza dough for the very purpose of facilitating your dinnertime.

And to make the job quick and delicious for you, we’ve found a simple way for you to enjoy Italian without ordering in (again!). Using few ingredients, you can save time and money without compromising on taste.

Why not replace the pesto in this recipe with tomato sauce for variety or add any kind of cheese you fancy? Perhaps one day you’ll even find the time to make the dough too! (Included in recipe).

pizza recipe

See the method here.

Quesadilla dreams

Tex-Mex cuisine has some simple and delicious ways to make your life easy.

By just frying together some vegetables and cooking them between two tortillas and some cheese, you’ve got yourself a nifty meal or snack. When your budget or inspiration grows, add thin slices of chicken and spices to heat it up!

quesadilla lazy broke recipe

Video and recipe here.

Baked breakfast

Forget frying pans; get your potatoes, mushrooms and onions, and chuck them in the oven for a much healthier all-day breakfast.

The eggs can be added at the end providing the healthy protein and it leaves the possibility open to add other English breakfast items like sausages, tomatoes or bacon. You’ll have more free time while the oven does the hard work, and it’ll turn out healthier!

potato egg breakfast baked blog
BBC Good Food

Learn the basics here.

Hotpot heaven

In this Asian-style recipe you’ll find one example of how to make a hotpot dinner, but the truth is that you can adapt it to your resources and time available.

For example, remove the ginger, Chinese sauce, soy sauce and sesame seeds to be replaced with parsley and thyme for an Irish style stew. And any root vegetables or meat can be used to fill out the dish… Then leave it to cook on low heat while you finish off that series you were watching!

chinese hotpot recipe ideas

Try this recipe.

Super grains to the rescue

The great thing about quinoa, though it’s not the cheapest grain on the shelf, is the amount of nutrients it provides. A wholesome quinoa meal only requires a jar of pesto and some spinach to complete it. Perfect for that lazy afternoon when the cupboard is mainly bare!

quinoa pesto recipe

Follow these few steps.

One pot pasta

There are endless ways to cook pasta in a single pot, it is a huge energy saver (especially for washing up) and costs very little.

With a bit of broth, you can use all your fresh or frozen greens with some cream and cheese to put together a dish that will save you when you’re feeling more hungry than motivated.

one pot pasta recipe

If the image is not enough, full recipe here.

Make Indian food in bulk

With just a jar of cooked chickpeas, tomato sauce and spinach, you can stock up on healthy deliciousness to be frozen and taken out whenever you need it. It costs almost nothing and requires very little effort. Plus, curry is great for cooking in bulk so it’s perfect for the lazy chef.

chickpea spinach curry

Full recipe here.

Lasagne in a mug

Ready-made pasta sauce plus ricotta, spinach and lasagne sheets, and you are done! Hooray for microwaves! Add minced meat if you’re treating yourself and you can make an easy white sauce from scratch if you’re feeling limited by ricotta.

Now you just need a big enough mug ☺

lasagna in a cup recipe blog

This recipe shows you how to throw it together.

Some days we all lack the motivation to cook, but this shows that within half an hour you could prepare something exciting and healthy! Sorry to break it to you, but now you’ve got no excuse for that frozen pizza.

Do you eat well during the week? Preparing a lunchbox can sometimes be too much trouble, which is why we bring your lunch to you! We’re here to make your eating life easier ☺

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