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12 DIY Gifts Perfect for Every Type of Foodie on Valentine’s Day

It’s not always easy to express how you feel, especially with the pressures of Valentine’s Day pushing you to shop for extravagant gifts to prove your love. So how can you show them that you really care?

For us, the best answer is to make something.

Time is more precious than gold, and if you have a partner who loves eating, cooking or food-related activities in general, then it’s time you exchanged clichés for some time in the kitchen!

But how to avoid the clichés when it’s February and the shops are overwhelmed with love hearts?

We’ve compiled some cute, DIY ideas to feed your own personal brand of foodie, for you and your partner, without making you sick of Valentine’s Day! And don’t forget: the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

So, what kind of foodie is your other half? :

1. The chocolate fanatic:

Raspberry White Chocolate Slab

This 4-ingredient recipe will only take you only 20 minutes to prepare so you have no excuse not to. It looks so fancy that your better half need never know how easy it was!

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Woman and Home

2. The avid baker:

Cranberry Bran Muffins

Now we’re making it too easy for you. With this gift, you provide the tools for them to doing the baking themselves! It’s perfect for someone who can’t get enough of spending time in the kitchen and it even gives you the opportunity to do an activity together. They can have all the pride of baking for themselves without any of the work!

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3. The classy vegan:

Amaretto Truffles

Rich, creamy bites for the one you love will never be a bad idea, and with the ‘wow factor’ of this velvety beetroot powder, you’re on your way to being sweetheart-of-the-year. Alcoholic, vegan and fabulous.

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4. The biscuit lover:

Cookie Butters

Dating someone who is always stocked up on cookies? Then turn their favourite snack into a spread! Using any biscuit of your choosing, you can conjure up a jar of happiness that they can spread on toast.

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A Beautiful Mess

5. The cute note-leaver:

Rice Krispy Treats

For this one, all you need is a bit of imagination. If you don’t have the right cutters, or you’d prefer to spell their name or a message, improvise and make the cutest personalised biscuits to welcome in the holiday!

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6. The flowery character:

Chocolate Pops

Melt some chocolate and drizzle it over lollipop sticks. Decorate to taste, and you’re done! Forget flowers; give your other half a bouquet they can eat!

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Snappy Gourmet


7. The fruity decorator:

Strawberry Sticks

Ran out of time? No worries, just grab a punnet of strawberries and carve them to decorate your kitchen or dinner table. So simple yet effective!

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Eats Amazing


8. The savoury-sweetie:

Salted Caramel

This recipe makes 48 little bites that will keep reminding your loved one time and again of the effort you put into these yummy sweet treats. Why can’t caramel be romantic?

(Top tip: This recipe can be done in the microwave too!)

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Delicious Magazine

9. The crunch hunter:

Red Velvet Kiss Cookies

Did you know that red velvet is not limited to cakes? We just can’t get enough of the colour red at this time of year and when combined with Hershey’s Kisses, the romance is on point. Top it off with your beau’s favourite sweet or chocolate!

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10. The surprise seeker:

Fortune Cookies

Being the most complicated recipe on this list, this is also likely to also be the most well received! Prepare little notes and predict your partner’s future to put inside these gorgeous snacks to make this Valentine’s the most memorable yet.

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BBC Good Food

11. The cultural taster:

Dulce de Leche

Making a jar of this typical Latino sweet is surprisingly easy and is a firm favourite in South America. As we at Delhicioso! love to travel, we think this is a great way to inspire your partner to explore the world! Only condensed milk and a bit of time is needed.

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12. The breakfast-in-bedder:

Egg Toast Hearts

The real gift here is making the effort to get up early! What’s even better than breakfast in bed? When your loved one brings you a specially crafted breakfast in bed to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. For those who prefer to stick to savoury, this is sure to brighten up their day!

delhicioso valentines recipes
Juneberry Lane


The truth is, you don’t need the excuse of Valentine’s to celebrate with the ones we love, so don’t miss out on the chance to share delicious tastes any day of the year!

Did you find something that inspired the romantic in you? What are we missing? Let us know in the comments!

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