The 3 Best Ways to Experience Authentic World Food in Barcelona


For every nation across the planet, food is a distinctive and important symbol of heritage and habits.

Our globalised world makes these exotic bites of culture more accessible than ever before, giving us the chance to travel with the tastes of distant lands from the comfort of our hometown.

Of course, we’d all love to pack our bags and take a world tour to satisfy our wanderlust, but in the meantime, cuisine is a colourful way of exploring the variety of culture this planet has to offer.

Buckle up Barcelona; we’re gonna take you travelling without having to leave the city.


In this list we have included places that have been recommended by the people who know best; the natives of those countries!

 El Pachuco – Mexican

Carrer de Sant Pau, 110 (Raval)

Before you even get started on food, the drinks in this place are as tasty as they are exotic. Try the traditional spiced beer, michelada, or their incredible maragaritas before trying an immense bowl of their nachos or assorted tacos. The walls are fully decorated with symbols of Mexico to get you in the mood, but it’s a tiny place, so you may need to wait for a seat!

el pachuco mexican barcelona
© Aleksandra Dynas

Spice – South African

spice barcelona south african

Carrer d’Amigó, 39 (Sant Gervasi)


Besides serving unquestioningly delicious chicken, South Africans agree that the style follows home-cooking from that part of the world in an authentic way. The tasty milkshakes are a bonus, though not necessarily South African!




PerBacco! – Italian

Avinguda Diagonal, 339 (Eixample)

Italians are particular about their flavours and will accept nothing but the best. So, having been recommended this restaurant by Italians, you know that you can expect great things! Go travelling with the taste of Italy.

perbacco barcelona italian

Add a dash of Vespa for extra Italian.

Swagatam – Indian

Carrer de Sant Agustí, 10 (Gràcia)

It is often the case that good things come in disguise. And despite Swagatam’s simplistic interior, the restaurant has fame for the right reasons; Indians will tell you that the taste is the most authentic you will find in the city. For anyone who dreams of visiting the sub-Asian continent, here’s your chance for a taster!

swagatam barcelona
Barcelona Home

Ugarit – Syrian/ Lebanese

Carrer de Bruniquer, 33 (Gràcia)

Although advertised as serving Syrian cuisine, Lebanese expats will tell you that there are dishes containing the most authentic Lebanese tastes and recipes. Either way, you can let the tastes take you east, knowing that you are testing the real deal!

ugarit barcelona
Bcn Restaurants


We have lazy days and we have busy days, but that shouldn’t stop us from savouring the joy of world food! Online you can buy ingredients to cook at home or have the meals come to you ready-made! Here are some options in Barcelona.

Delhicioso! – world cuisine

For those who want to eat the best world food at lunchtime but don’t have the time, Delhicioso! travels to a new country each day, helping the city test new combinations from the comfort of their desks. The possibilities are endless!

delhicioso world food office delivery barcelona

New Zealand Gourmet Pies – New Zealand

new zealand gourmet pies barcelona

All the way from the other side of the planet, this company has brought the rich tastes of their traditional pies from New Zealand. They will soon be offering the option to deliver to your home, and you won’t regret it. Easier than a 24hr flight!





Pilmenis – Russian

Pelmeni is a traditional Russian dumpling which resembles ravioli but with a distinct taste. As there are few options for handmade traditional Russian dishes in Barcelona, finding these guys online can really perk up your dinner party (and we’ve tried them; they’re delicious). You can order them cooked or frozen according to how much work you want to do!

pilmenis barcelona

Street food

Anyone who lives in Barcelona will know that it is fantastic for street food. One of the best things about the street markets is the variety of world food you can find being sold by members of different world communities with the kind of tastes you can’t find in a restaurant.

At Eat Street, Van Van, Vermut Solidario, and All Those food markets, you can try food from these companies (among others) to introduce you to new tastes:

banh mi street food barcelona
Banh Mi (Thai/ Oriental)
masala 73 barcelona street food
Masala ’73 (Indian)




el mex street food barcelona
El Mex (Tex Mex)












fogons urbans barcelona
Fogons Urbans (German)








Barcelona’s international community helps to make us foodies and wanderlusters happy while continuing to innovate and offer a vibrant selection of fusions and cultures. What more could we ask for?

Comment if you think we’ve missed out any great restaurants or experiences from world cuisine!

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